Our history

Biosalines is the story of the meeting of a couple, Virginie & Olivier , and a salt worker on the Ile de Ré. This one, a true craftsman using ancestral methods, offers them during a conversation to take over his cosmetics brand.

Virginie, a doctor of pharmacy, then looked at the formulas and discovered a range of exemplary naturalness from the ocean and the coast. These natural compositions appeal to the pharmacist. She is in fact particularly aware of skin problems due to the situation of her father, constantly operated on for malignant tumors, “mended” according to her.

Virginie is convinced of this

It is no longer possible to apply so many toxic substances to your skin when nature is full of treasures for the skin; why deprive yourself of it? Alignment of the planets? That's the trigger. The idea of ​​offering the skin natural and healthy cosmetics became obvious to the couple, creating a “Clean Beauty” range, an obsession, a mission!

With more than 15 years of experience in pharmacy, Olivier and Virginie decided to completely rethink the range by integrating new products, deepening the formulas and choosing only non-controversial ingredients in order to design treatments that healthily reveal all the natural beauty of women. Radiance-revealing active ingredients are also included in facial treatments for a fresh and luminous complexion.

Parents of two children who are passionate about surfing, feel good about themselves and feel good about a planet that they respect, Olivier and Virginie keep their eyes wide open to their environment. Lovers of their island and aware of the ecological challenges of our century, they seek eco-responsibility from the sourcing of raw materials to the packaging. Maison Biosalines, in Saint-Martin-de-Ré in Charente-Maritime, is today the cradle of a range of effective and healthy cosmetic products for the skin, developed in the most eco-responsible approach possible. A credo consistent with the values ​​that Virginie and Olivier, creators of healthy beauty, are keen to share.