Our values

Biosalines laboratories are above all a passion, a strong aspiration for the founders to become creators of healthy beauty while respecting our planet. We believe that nature can take care of our skin healthily and that humans must preserve this nature. Our values ​​determine our commitments to the challenges of this century.
We are sure this matters to you too…

Made in France

Created on the Île de Ré (Charente-Maritime) and manufactured in France, inspired by the most authentic nature, Biosalines products contain between 95% and 99% ingredients of natural origin for the supply of which we favor short circuits.

Why look far, France is full of treasures…

Clean beauty

We rigorously select all our raw materials. You will not find any controversial substances in our cosmetics, we ban Poly Ethylene Glycols (PEG), parabens, silicone, phenoxyethanol, mineral oils or waxes: none of that in our formulations!

Clean beauty, healthy is better and your skin will thank you.


Limiting the ecological impact of Biosalines is our priority. The founders Virginie and Olivier take special care of this as their children, passionate about surfing, are aware of the fragility of the environment.

So goodbye to unnecessary instructions and packaging, long live recycled glass in France, and long live our “Imprim’vert” labeled printer who uses vegetable ink and applies strict specifications.

Respect for the environment is in our nature.

Safety & efficiency

Our formulas are developed in accordance with regulations, supporting analyzes and safety tests, for safe use. The quality of our products is controlled from their manufacturing to their application to the skin by independent laboratories and experts who have validated their effectiveness.

We are transparent because we have nothing to hide!