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Our history

We are Olivier & Virginie , doctor of pharmacy and we created Biosalines, a healthy and natural beauty brand, inspired by the ocean and designed on the Île de Ré.

Our mission : to restore consumer confidence by providing healthy and effective solutions for the skin.

🌱 The skin is at the heart of our concerns, to produce the most natural formulas possible .

🌱 Active ingredients coming almost exclusively from the Atlantic coast, dosed to perfection for maximum efficiency .

🌱 Formulas without any controversial substances , our entire range is rated excellent on YUKA .

🌱 Amazing and sensory galenics , skin care should also be a moment of pleasure.

Our values

Proven effectiveness

Numerous clinical studies and satisfaction studies have been carried out.

Ingredients of natural origin

Products composed of between 95% and 99% ingredients of natural origin.

Clean Beauty

We have banned all controversial substances.

Excellent on YUKA

All our products are rated “excellent” on scanning apps.